Known Monsters

We here at MRG have positively identified and named 12 new species that fall under the order of “Monster”; however, we are fully aware that these are but a few of the many creatures that exist and remain to be identified in the exciting new field of monster identification. So help us out! Download the Monster ID Form and submit your work. We here at MRG will study your work and decide determine if it is a new species. All submissions will be viewable on the website. New discoveries will be published in the next volume of Monster Removal Guide along with the latest and most effective breakthroughs in monster disarmament and removal.

View a sample monster removal technique.

Web-Footed Walleye Blue-Haired Corner Troll Jumping Jacks Allbrawnusnobrainus Common Goblin SlobberGruber Carpet Croccadummy Little Big Foot Red Spotted Closet Monster Sneaker Thief Orange Wretch Mean-Spirited Hamper Elf