Welcome to MRG

Here is a sneak peek inside MRG headquarters. Join our team and become a super secret service special agent MRG licensed double-operative!

View a sample monster removal technique.

Interrogation Room

At MRG, all of our interrogation and testing methods conform to the standard laid out by the International Council of Protecting Other Organisms (ICPOO). Threatening no TV, desert, even a possible grounding works very well. And all monsters are tagged and released into the wild after a very stern, but fair warning.

World Monitor

We do our best to monitor all cities around the globe in order to keep you safe. We even have a few satellites pointed to space to look for aliens. Don’t see your city? Let us know and we’ll put it on our radar. And remember to always check back for the latest advancements in monster removal and disarmament!


All monsters submissions are carefully studied at MRG. The more information we have, the better. A good scientist relies heavily on their notes, which is why we stress that you complete as much of the MRG ID form as possible. And if you can capture a specimen, even better. However, we don’t recommend capturing your dog as practice. Turns out they don’t really like that.


What are monsters scared of? Well, as it turns out, all kinds of stuff. And MRG is always on the lookout for the next breakthrough. Turns out they’re pretty leery of unicorns. Who knew? We did. Before anyone else. Now you do. Have some ideas of your own? Let us know so we can test them in our lab!


Family dogs are used at MRG for the tracking and capture of monsters.

Moster Repellent

MRG is currently testing a plethora (that means a lot) of monster-repellent products. We hope to have a full line available for purchase next year. Check back for more information!